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1. When does the hire period start and finish for the packages?

Each package is available for a 2 hour period. The set up and clearing away is done before and after this hire period. Therefore you get a full 2 hour of use should you require it. Set up and clear away of the party equipment takes approx. an hour either side of the party start and finish time. Any hall hire needs to factor in this additional set up/clear away time when booking. 


2. Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. The delivery fee will be quoted and is priced on application. Please contact us for a quote.


3. What are the cars made of?

All of our equipment is high quality, durable and selected to add the wow factor to any party/event. The cars and ride-ons are made of a metal chassis and rubber tyres which roll really well on a wooden floor. The pedal cars can be adjusted, so can be altered based on the age range of children. There are a variety of designs on offer to suit everyone’s taste. The only dilemma your children will face will be which one to choose next!


4. What if I want support/help during the party/event?

At present, we only offer a drop off and collect service. This means we are not usually present for the party itself. 


5. Do you have any recommendations on places to hire?

Village halls and community centres are a great place to host our parties. This makes it a perfect party whatever the weather. That said, anywhere with a flat floor or flat short lawn works well. A surface area of 8x8m is the best area to enjoy the set up. We can usually provide good recommendations based on our knowledge of different areas. The Halls Hire website also has lots of links to some great venues to hire:

6. What happens if I damage something?

Our activities are deemed to be low risk, but do require adult supervision to ensure that children are enjoying the set up safely. Full risk assessments have been carried out for our main services and are communicated to you as a customer prior to the party/event. That said, we understand that the odd bump may happen to the cars and equipment. This is covered in our Terms and Conditions which is shared with you on booking.

7. How many cars do you have? 

We currently have 16 cars in the fleet, generally, 8 of which are ride on toys and 8 of which are pedal cars with different mechanisms. Children don't need to be able to pedal to enjoy the cars.  You do not need a car for every child attending the party as the nature of the set up is that children rotate around them all and the various role play areas. 

8. How many children can attend a Dinky Drivers Party?

It depends on your package type and the space available really! We recommend an invite list of around 20 children, , but we can advise accordingly on enquiry. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

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